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About Biozeq Kenya

Redefining healthcare. We are committed to providing affordable services to as many people as possible.

Bio-zeq Kenya Limited was established more than fourteen years ago. We are one of the leading distributors of diagnostics, scientific and life science research products, laboratory chemicals, reagents and equipments.

We supply all Lab essentials and accessories from different reputable companies in Europe, USA and Asia. Be it Science lab equipments, Biology Lab Equipments, Scientific lab equipments, School lab equipments, Medical lab equipments, apparatus, and instruments that are used in diagnostic, surgical, therapeutic, scientific, and experimental procedures. Our products line also includes forensic science equipment and consumables, biomedical equipments and reagents for various research and testing purposes, such as animal veterinary Molecular Testing and Agricultural research.


Company started as a partnership.


Company changes from a partnership to a limited liability company.


Biozeq partners with the Ministry of Health to launch a mobile clinic meant to deal with the rising cases of undetected cervical cancer.