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Some of the main projects we have undertaken
are as follows:

  • Consultancy, equipping and training of the entire
    Kira Hospital in Burundi.
  • Equipping of the National Public Health Labs
    and the all the satellite labs in the country.
  • Supply and installation of PCR machines for
    Rwanda Biomedical Center.
  • Supply of reagents and bench work for Human
    DNA Paternity for National Reference Laboratory-
  •  FUT2 polymorphisms in Humans. The work is
    being done by a PHD student who want to find the
    polymorphisms in Kenyan HIV infected Women.
    The polymorphisms
    have been associated with different responses to
    infections as well as with HIV-1 progression. The
    current challenge is that we used a big proportion
    of the budget in optimizations and currently we
    are seeking for more sponsorship for the project.
  • Investigations for Neck and Head Cancers. The
    study is being performed to screen and associate
    patients with HPV which is believed to be a major
    cause for the neck and head cancers at Kenyatta
    Referral Hospital.
  • In the year 2014, we partnered with the Ministry
    of Health to launch a mobile clinic meant to deal
    with the rising cases of undetected cervical cancer
    among women in Kenya. The clinic is equipped with
    HPV DNA testing technology and is expected to
    help bridge the gap on cervical cancer screening
    services and improve screening methods using
    new methods i.e. HPV
    We are involved in consultancy, training & laboratory
    equipment of hospitals in East Africa. Here
    are a few projects Biozeq has been involved in:
    National Public Health Rwanda- Biozeq is involved
    in designing &equipping molecular biology
  • Uganda- Involved in setting up TB laboratory in
    Uganda national reference laboratory.
    Makerere University- Biozeq set up UVRI
    laboratory in Entebbe.
  • Ethiopia Addis Ababa- Involved in setting up
    Visceral Leishmaniasis laboratory in Addis Ababa
    University. Also involved in setting up national
    health research institute (NHRI) laboratories in
  • Kenya- Involved in setting up forensic laboratories
    with the Kenya police and all 8 counties where
    national public health in Kenya have references