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Certified by Manufacturers


We are certified to install equipment that we supply to our customers. Installations are done on site by our certified technicians who ensure assembly of parts is done correctly, meet regulations and that the equipment has passed quality testing.

Equipment Proficiency

Equipment Training

We offer training services on all our equipment by taking you through short courses designed to improve your lab proficiency. We also offer manuals and user guides on how the equipment works as well as information to help in fully utilizing the equipment.

Get Proffessional Assistance


We provide consultancy services for general lab practices and equipment. Our pool of experts in various areas of biomedical sciences, biomedical engineering and life sciences provide their expertise and experience to our customers on request.

Guaranteeing Reliability


We extend warranty from manufacturers to all our customers for items purchased. We cover warranty on parts and whole sets of equipment. Terms of warranty must be met to ensure swift replacements in case of damage or malfunctioning of items purchased.

Human Identity Testing

Identity & Forensic Testing

We offers complete, integrated, optimized work-flows for every type of human identity and forensic testing. Our high-quality instruments and chemistry provide the required speed, precision, and reliability. Get more from samples with our PCR-based human DNA quantification and identification assays.

Specialized Training

Molecular Biology Training

We offer molecular biology training in collaboration with Vela and the Kavi Institute of Clinical Research (University of Nairobi). The trainings cover primer design, custom DNA sequencing, genotyping, gene expression analysis, HLA typing, paternity testing and human identification.